How Much Will a Heat Pump System Cost?

Posted: June 10, 2022

Heat Pump System

Heat pumps are useful in both winter and summer. You can heat your room in winter and cool your room in summer. Heat pumps are more energy-efficient than furnaces and air conditioners. It will help to save money on energy bills. Heat pump installation cost depends on the following terms:

  • Type of the heat pump
  • Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER)
  • Size of the heat pump
  • HVAC brand
  • Where are you buying the heat pumps from?
  • Installation cost depends on the service labor
  • Ductwork
  • Shipping Cost

How are prices different for different types of heat pumps? 

  • Air source heat pump:

The air source heat pump gets air from outside refrigerants. The heat pump compresses the outside air and sends it through the centralized ducts in your complete building rooms and it warms each room. It will run efficiently for up to 20 years and you need not do extra maintenance within 20 years. A heat pump is best for long-term cost savings. $3,000 to $5,000 is the average cost for each indoor air handler unit. Installation costs with ductwork may range from $10,000 to $18,000. But it depends on other factors as well. So, read a complete article to calculate the complete cost for the installation of your heat pump.

  • Ductless Mini-split/ Ductless heat pump:

Ductwork affects your HVAC system energy efficiency. Complicated ductwork needs extra effort & cost to install and maintain. Ductwork is more difficult to set up and maintain in unconditioned locations. If you want to save your money on ductwork installation, then choose a simple duct connection. It reduces labor costs, installation costs, and maintenance costs. Read below the British Thermal Unit (BTU) to know which unit size is correct for your home. 

  • 6,000 BTUs:150 to 250 sf.
  • 7,000 BTUs: 250 to 300 sf.
  • 8,000 BTUs: 300 to 350 sf.
  • 9,000 BTUs: 350 to 400 sf.
  • 10,000 BTUs: 400 to 450 sf.
  • 12,000 BTUs: 450 to 550 sf.
  • 14,000 BTUs: 550 to 700 sf.
  • 18,000 BTUs: 700 to 1,000 sf.
  • 21,000 BTUs: 1,000 to 1,200 sf.
  • 23,000 BTUs: 1,200 to 1,400 sf.
  • 24,000 BTUs: 1,500 sf. +

The ductless heat pump price comes between $1,000 to $8000. 

  • Solar heat pumps:

A solar heat pump is the integration of thermal solar collectors and a heat pump. Traditional heat pumps are more expensive than solar heat pumps. You can buy a solar heat pump for between $18,000 to $40,000. 

  • Geothermal heat pumps:

Geothermal heat pumps collect and store the constant temperature of the earth with the help of an underground loop of pipes. Pipes are known as heat exchangers. It is a less energy-consuming heat pump type. Geothermal heat pumps are highly efficient in a long life, but installation is highly expensive. You need to pay $12,000 to $38,000 for the unit and its installation. 

  • Gas-fired heat pumps:

Gas-fired heat pumps are less efficient than other types of heat pumps. The cost of natural gas is different at different times and it is increasing yearly. But Gas fired heat pump is the best option for commercial buildings or businesses. The average cost for buying and installing a gas-fired heat pump is $6,000 to $10,000. 

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER):

The seasonal energy efficiency ratio is used to know the energy efficiency of HVAC equipment. High-efficiency heat pumps are expensive. See the below point to know the average price for their respective SEER/ HSPF efficiency ratings.

  • 13-14 SEER / 7-8 HSPF efficiency rating heat pumps average price between $1,000 to $2,100 and installation cost lies in $4,100-$5,400.
  • 15-16 SEER / 8-9 HSPF efficiency rating heat pumps average price between $1,500 to $2,600 and installation cost lies in $5,200-$6,300.
  • 17-18 SEER / 9-10 HSFP efficiency rating heat pumps average price between $2,200 to $3,200 and installation cost lies in $6,300-$7,400.
  • 19+ SEER / 10+ HSFP HSPF efficiency rating heat pumps average price between $3,100 to $4,000 and installation cost lies in $7,200-$9,500.

Size of the heat pump:

A larger area needs a large heat pump. The cost of the heat pump respectively increases with the size of the heat pump.

  • a 500 square feet home area needs 1 ton sized heat pump.
  • a 1,000 square feet home area needs a 2-ton-sized heat pump.
  • The 1,500 square feet home area needs a 3-ton sized heat pump.
  • The 2,000 square feet home area needs a 4-ton-sized heat pump.
  • The 2,500 square feet home area needs a 5-ton sized heat pump.
  • The 3,000 square feet home area needs a 6-ton-sized heat pump.

HVAC brand:

Different HVAC brands offer different prices for heat pumps. Read the following points to know the top HVAC manufacturers' average price of heat pumps.

  • Amana offers heat pumps price between $1,800 to $2,800
  • Trane offers heat pumps price between $2,600 to $4,200
  • Lennox offers heat pumps price between $2,700 to $4,500
  • Carrier offers heat pumps price between $2,300 to $3,900
  • Bryant offers heat pumps prices between $1,600 to $2,700
  • York offers heat pumps prices between $1,300 to $2,300
  • Rheem/Ruud offers heat pumps prices between $1,600 to $3,200
  • Daikin offers heat pumps price between $1,000 to $10,000
  • Goodman offers heat pumps prices between $1,500 to $3,900

Where are you buying a heat pump from?

If you buy a heat pump from a direct manufacturer or major dealer, then it comes in less cost compared to local dealers or distributors. PartsHnC is the major trusted and authorized seller of all HVAC parts & accessories. 

Installation cost depends on the service labors:

Labors charge extra payment. If your home is very far from service centers, installation location is difficult to install heat pumps, or you do not know the current installation charges. 


Complicated ductwork installation takes extra effort, time, and material. So, these terms increase the cost of ductwork.  

Shipping Cost:

If you are buying from a long distance, then shipping cost increases. 

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Frequently asked questions:

Is a heat pump worth comparing to a furnace and air conditioner?

Yes, if you want to control the temperature in both winter and summer, then do not buy a furnace and air conditioner. Because you can control heat and cool your room temperature with a heat pump. 

Which is an efficient furnace or heat pump?

A heat pump is more efficient than a furnace.

Which type of heat pump is a more efficient gas heat pump or air source heat pump?

The air source heat pump is more efficient than the gas heat pump.

Is a solar heat pump more expensive than other traditional heat pump types?

No, Solar heat pumps are less expensive than traditional heat pump types.

Can I replace the heat pump damaged parts?

Yes, you can. Do not replace parts with no prior experience. Take the guidance of HVAC technicians. 

How to know which is the most efficient heat pump?

Check the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating. A high SEER-rated heat pump is more efficient.