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 Furnace inducer motor

A furnace inducer motor is a small electric motor that is part of a furnace's ventilation system. Its main function is to draw exhaust gasses out of the furnace and vent them to the outside of the building. The inducer motor for furnace works in conjunction with the furnace's blower motor and is typically located near the bottom of the furnace. 

The inducer motor furnace is activated when the furnace is in the heating cycle and runs until the exhaust gasses have been fully vented out of the furnace. Some furnace models have an integrated furnace control board that is responsible for controlling the operation of the inducer motor, while others may have a separate control circuit for the inducer motor. 

If the inducer motor for furnace is not working properly, it can cause the furnace to not heat properly or not work at all, and it is likely that service is required.

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