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LAU Blower Wheels

Lau is a brand that makes replacement parts for your complete HVAC needs. 

LAU blower wheels are made with the best quality and improve the performance of a product. They are designed to meet the wide range of applications from the commercial HVAC to residential HVAC. To obtain the best quality standards, LAU blower wheels are made with the material such as steel, aluminum, and sometimes plastic is also used.

The design of this blower wheel is made to optimize the airflow and efficiency. Find out the size and compatibility before finding any blower. LAU has a catalog for their products to select them with requirements. It might be difficult to find the parts in the catalog, if you know the part number or the exact part it will be easy to find that.

Catalogs may be confusing to find the replacement parts. To make the customer search user friendly, PartsHnC provides a wide range of replacement parts online for HVACs including LAU parts. PartsHnC parts are genuine and made with the best quality and offers the best prices. They provide the best customer service and to get your replacement part delivered quickly, they offer same day shipping. 

LAU blower parts from PartsHnC include:


What is a Blower wheel?

Blower wheels are commonly made with metal and it is connected to a motor with the help of a rotating shaft. Blower wheel is used in HVAC systems where a large volume of air is circulated or moved through the duct system.

What happens if a blower wheel is dirty?

A dirty blower wheel will result in poor performance of a HVAC system. They should be kept clean and have to do regular maintenance. If the blower wheel is dirty, load on your motor increases and also increases the power consumption that leads to the high energy bills.

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