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Greenheck Louvers

Greenheck specializes in the production of air handling and ventilation products. Louvers, which are horizontal slats used to control the flow of air in HVAC systems, are one of the products they offer. They come in a variety of sizes and configurations to meet the specific needs of each application.

Greenheck offers a variety of louver types to meet the requirements of various applications and environments. Some of the most common types of Greenheck louvers are:

  • Drainable louvers
  • Sound Attenuating Louvers
  • hurricane louvers
  • operable louvers
  • specialty louvers

 Greenheck louvers are made up of several key components, which include the sash, operation mechanism, sealant, screen, backpan, blades, and frame. These are the main parts of a standard Greenheck louver.

The best site to purchase replacement parts for Greenheck louvers is PartsHnC. We offer cost-effective Greenheck louver parts of high quality. Professional installation and replacement component advice is available from PartsHnC. PartsHnC offers same-day shipping, 30-day returns, and secure payment.


Hurricane louvers: what are they?

A special type of ventilation louver known as a "hurricane louver" is designed to protect buildings from damaging winds and flying debris during hurricanes and other severe weather events. They are often built to withstand severe wind pressure and impact from wind-borne debris out of robust, long-lasting materials like aluminum or galvanized steel.

Hurricane louvers are often evaluated for their performance in wind tunnel simulations and are created to meet or surpass industry rules and requirements for wind resistance.

How can I know if a Greenheck louver needs to be repaired?

The following symptoms indicate that a Greenheck louver needs to be repaired:

  • physical injury
  • Operations problems
  • leaks of water
  • Deformation
  • corrosion or rust.

It's crucial to have a professional evaluate the louver and decide whether it needs to be fixed or replaced if you notice any of these symptoms. Using a damaged louver might raise the risk to the structure and its occupants and cause additional harm.

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