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Climatemaster Heat Pump Parts

Climatemaster Heat Pump Parts

ClimateMaster is the most trusted name in home geothermal equipment, offering a full array of products to provide optimal comfort and savings to its consumers. Geothermal heating and cooling systems use the ground as a medium for transferring heat. This is accomplished with a heat pump and/or heating unit that transfers thermal energy from the ground into your home or business. They provide geothermal equipment with several advantages, including energy savings, year-round comfort, and no upkeep.

ClimateMaster water source heat pump systems are sustainable because they can generate power during periods of low demand, such as winter when electricity costs are at their highest. In order to integrate water source heat pump equipment with DDC systems, the ClimateMaster water source Heat Pump Parts were manufactured. By using a microprocessor-based heat pump controller that is easy to operate, the water source heat pumps' operation and safety are improved.

Electronic control with a microprocessor-based heat pump controller provides maximum application flexibility. The controller has all the fundamental control characteristics plus extra inputs and outputs. All the ClimateMaster heat pump parts, including the compressor, fan, fan speed, reversing valve, alarm relay, and two switchable auxiliary outputs, are relays built into the control. 

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What is the meaning of ClimateMaster water source heat pump error codes?




No memory issues


Fault at high pressure


Fault at low-pressure


Water coil freeze-protect (heating)


Air coil freeze-protect (cooling)


Condensate overflow fault


Over/Under voltage fault (<18 or >31.5 VAC)


Unit Performance Sentinel


FP1 & FP2 Swapped


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