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Hubbell Resistors

Hubbell Resistors offers a comprehensive range of resistor products, including wire wound, ceramic, and film resistors. They also provide specialty resistors, such as dynamic braking resistors, power resistors, and neutral grounding resistors. One of the key benefits of Hubbell Resistors' products is their ability to withstand extreme conditions. In addition to their robust construction, Hubbell Resistors' products also offer precise control over resistance values. This allows for accurate and reliable performance in a variety of applications, from motor control to electrical braking systems.

Hubbell Resistors also offers a range of customization options to meet the unique needs of their customers. This includes custom resistance values, packaging options, and thermal management solutions. If you're in the market for top-quality spare parts for your Hubbell Resistors, PartsHnC is the place to be.


What is the resistor's power?

The power rating of a resistor is measured in watts and commonly falls between 18W (0.125W) and 1W. Resistors used primarily for their ability to dissipate power are commonly referred to as power resistors and have power ratings greater than 1W.

What materials are in resistors?

The three main types of film resistors that are most frequently employed are carbon film, metal alloy, and metal oxide. A metal film is put atop a ceramic cylinder to create a common metal film resistor. "Cermet" is one of the often utilised materials for these resistors.

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