HVAC tips and tricks for New Homeowners

Posted: March 02, 2022

 This article is for new homeowners who want to buy and install an HVAC system in their homes. Here we discuss some basic things to know before installing the air conditioner.

Tips for Installing an Air Conditioner

Considerations at the time of choosing the correct ‌air conditioner

Size: The size of the area matters when you want to buy an air conditioner. Are you looking for an air conditioner only for one room, a specific area, or an open area? Choose to buy a suitable size Air Conditioner after selecting the area. The size of the area is very important because if you buy a small AC for a bigger space your system does not cool the area efficiently. 

Top Selling HVAC Products

Cost: Prioritize your requirements and budget. Mostly budget-friendly air conditioners are not good for long-term usage and have high energy consumption which means high electricity bills. High-budget Air Conditioners take slightly large payments at the time of buying but they are very effective in cooling, low energy consumption reducing electricity bills.

Quality: In the above cost term, we learn that high-cost air conditioner systems have more quality instead of low-cost air conditioners. If you are searching for long-term utility, then you need to buy a high-quality system. It applies to both commercial and residential air conditioners. If you want to buy any low-price range air conditioners, then you can increase the life of your air conditioner by doing regular maintenance.

Energy consumption: Before buying an air conditioner, check the estimated energy requirement (EER) rating of that product, and the rating range must be between 8 to 10. High energy consumption products generate high electricity bills. Low energy consumption air conditioners are good for the environment and they emit less harmful gasses. 

Efficient ductwork: Recover all joints and ducts. Inefficient ducts and joints leak the air. Because of leakage of air, you didn't get efficient cooling. You can repair all ducts and joints with the help of professionals. If you have any queries, then just call on (866) 963-0907 Or send mail at [email protected].

Air quality: Check the specifications to know the air quality of any product. If air quality decreases after using the air conditioner, then call your hometown HVAC technician to increase the air quality of the air conditioner. But if you have a new air conditioner and it is giving low air quality, then the problem is in your duct. Check the ducts and clean them for better air quality.

Shaded location: The air conditioner must be in a shaded place surrounded by trees and good airflow. This kind of place is ideal for air conditioners outdoor units. Don’t keep them in direct sunlight. You can install your air conditioner in the north or east direction of your home.

Restricted area for dogs and other animals: Dogs or other animals can damage your air conditioner system. Don't allow animals near the air conditioner installation place for your Air Conditioner safety and animal safety.

Tips and tricks after installation of an air conditioner

  1. Always clean both inside and outside units. Especially indoor coils, outdoor coils, and different filters. Indoor coils work like a magnet and this magnet coil does not work effectively when the coil is covered with dust. Same for outdoor coils. Dust reduces the effectiveness of outdoor coils. The filter is also an important part of air containers. Most of the problems occur due to dust built-in filters. Regularly check your system. Clean the dust once a month regularly. 
  2. Buy a programmable thermostat. An advanced programmable thermostat allows you to set the temperature according to your requirements. Set your thermostat temperature between 70°F and 78°F. But you can set the temperature according to your hometown temperature.
  3. Regularly check the level of your refrigerant. See the manufacturer’s product manual and maintain the level of refrigerant according to that manual. If any problem is found, then inform your hometown technician. For other guidance, you can visit the PartsHnC website.
  4. At the time of installation, install all ventilation systems properly. A ventilation system helps to reduce the cooling load on your air conditioner. Don’t do any heat-generating activities in the afternoon time.
  5. Inform the manufacturer when your new air conditioner creates noise. Because the compressor creates noise when there is a defect in the compressor. 
  6. Don’t use a dehumidifier for cleaning moisture. It will increase the cooling load on the air conditioner. Because of the cooling load, air conditioners consume more energy and you get high electricity bills.  
  7. Tightly close all the doors and windows in the cooling season. It lowers the cooling load on your air conditioner system.

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For More FAQ's
What is the warranty period of Daikin air conditioners?

The Daikin Split Air Conditioner comes with a 12-month warranty from the date of client billing.

Does a Goodman air conditioner have a reset button?

The Goodman air conditioner reset button is near the outdoor unit.

What happens if you run the Bard air conditioner without a filter?

The condensation drain on your air conditioner won't be able to remove the moisture without a filter. As a result, condensation will build up on the Freon tube. The system will subsequently sustain water damage when the moisture flows down the pan.

Lennox Air Conditioners

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