Installation of the ductless split air conditioner

Posted: May 10, 2022

Summer is coming soon. And when we make a list of human comfort items for cooling, everyone wants to include the air conditioner. We'll learn how to set up a ductless split air conditioner in this article.

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Before you install an air conditioner, make a list of everything you need to know:

  • Types of air conditioners
  • Tools need for installation
  • Tips for ductless-split air conditioner installation
  • Method of ductless split air conditioner installation
  • The essential equipment for air conditioner installation
  • The average price range of air conditioner installation
  • How much human resource is needed for installation
  • Time for installation
  • Difference between installation, assembly, and configuration
  • Where can I get the best installation components for my equipment?
  • Where do you look for experts?

Types of air conditioners 

There are different kinds of air conditioners, like central air conditioners, window air conditioners, hybrid air conditioners, mini-split air conditioners, portable air conditioners, etc. 

A central air conditioner

Are you searching for instant cooling with a less-cost air conditioner for your space? Central AC is the correct option. 

  • It is a ductile-based system
  • It cools all rooms that are connected by ducts instantly.

Window air conditioners

Do you want to buy an air conditioner that fits in your room window? 

  • Window air conditioners come in different sizes. 
  • Perfect for small areas. 
  • Instant cooling with less maintenance
  • A lower-cost
  • Easy installation

Hybrid air conditioner

A hybrid air conditioner is a combination of an electric air source Heat Pump and a gas furnace

  • Best in terms of electricity cost and performance

Ductless split air conditioner

Do you want to get away from ducting? Then the ductless-split conditioner is the best option.

  • Controls the room temperature individually
  • Easy installation process

A portable air conditioner

  • Portable Air Conditioners are easily movable from one place to another
  • Easy to set up 
  • Easy to maintain
  • Best for the small rooms
  • But they are noisy

Tools needed for installation

  • Diagonal cutters for cutting and trimming
  • Lineman’s Pliers for firm gripping and grasping
  • Safety equipment like hand gloves, eyeglasses, earplugs
  • Different measuring equipment
  • Hammers, knives, and LED flashlights

Guidance for air conditioner installation Location

Select an indoor or outdoor location as per your requirements. Indoor installation 

  • The height must be 7-9 feet from the floor is ideal for cooling
  • Outdoor installations need free air flowing areas but not direct sunlight
  • Free space for installation and Maintenance of Air Conditioners
  • For indoor installation, the wall must be strong and have 10 - 15 cm air space around the air conditioner

Steps to install a ductless split air conditioner

Below are the steps to install a ductless air conditioner. 

  • Choose a strong and good air-flowing place
  • Clean the place
  • Before starting, just mark for mounting and drilling
  • Fix the mounting plate horizontally
  • Drill an 8 cm hole near the mounting plate 
  • Send two copper pipes into the hole
  • Now attach the front cover of the air conditioner to the Mounting Plate
  • Fix all nuts and bolts

For the outdoor location for installation, follow the steps below

  • Choose a good airflow place 
  • The place should not have direct sunlight
  • Mark for a hole and mounting plate
  • Connect the wires and copper pipes
  • Attach the front part of the air conditioner
  • Fix all nuts and bolts
  • Essential Parts of air conditioner installation

Different air conditioners need different specifications for their equipment. You will need the following equipment before you start the air conditioner installation process: 

Heat exchanger: A  Heat Exchanger absorbs warmth and heat from the room. You can buy it from a nearby electronics shop. 

Combustion chamber: The combustion chamber is burned with air and fuel. It is part of the combustion engine.

Evaporator coil: An evaporator coil is used in both the air conditioner and the heating system. It is used for the heat exchange process. Once you install the evaporator coil, then you need not worry for 10–15 years. The evaporator coil is an important part. 

Condenser coil: Compressors produce pressure on the gas. The refrigerant changes from a gas into a liquid form releasing heat from the air conditioner. This process works under the condenser coil, also known as the compressor. This coil is made with copper or aluminum material. 

Thermostat: The thermostat detects the temperature of the rooms/ house and automatically turns on the air conditioner or heat pump or you can turn it on/off yourself. It is attached to the primary system of the air conditioner or heat pump. 

Blower motor: The Blower motor circulates air completely in your home. It is a key component of every HVAC system. Visit our online store PartsHnC if you want to see various specifications with different price ranges of blower motors. We provide brand-quality blower motors with high specifications at a low cost.  

The cost of installing an air conditioner

Different air conditioners have different price ranges for installation. $5,000 to $10,000 range per 1,500 sq. ft. in the United States. It also depends on how the installer charges.

  • Human resources and time for installation depend on air conditioner classifications
  • Difference between installation, assembly, configuration
  • The action of activating ready-to-use hardware or software is known as an installation
  • Combining parts to make any machine or object is known as assembling
  • Creating a connection and planning and management settings between hardware and software is known as a configuration

Where can I get the best installation components for my equipment?

Before buying any product, we need to ensure the quality, warranty, and technology of that product. PartsHnC sells equipment parts and products. Which comes from only brands. We guarantee the quality of the warranty and the technical specifications.

Where do you look for experts?

You can search on google for nearby air conditioner installation service centers. Before choosing a service installer, you need to check their certificates and license. Certificates and licenses help to know who is eligible to do air conditioner installation.

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