Indoor blower motor re-installation/ replacement.

Posted: May 10, 2022

How to change or replace an indoor blower motor?

Tools you need for replacement of indoor blower motor

  1. Screwdrivers to fit or open nuts-bolts
  2. Nut drivers/ drills
  3. Allen keys/ wrench/ Hex key
  4. Blower Wheel Puller
  5. Adjustable wrench/ spanner/ crescent
  6. Penetrating oil/ fluid
  7. Sand cloth
  8. Rags
  9. Operating condensing unit
  10.  New replacement blower motor
  11.  Digital multimeter (DMM)
  12.  Clamp-on ammeter
  13.  Safety glasses
  14.  Smartphone

Safety instructions

  1. If you are doing blower motor parts installation for the first time, then do work with trained people
  2. Read AMCA publication 410- 96 and AMCA standard 99-0401-86 completely for any HVAC parts and accessories installation
  3. Switch off all plugs of the unit's connections
  4. Discharge all capacitors safely
  5. Clean the area of the blower motor installation
  6. Unpack all material carefully
  7. Verify that newly opened equipment parts are in good operating conditions
  8. Note down all parts warranty and safety instructions
  9. Check all things properly before switching on the electrical supply
  10. After completing the installation, you must check the vibration, temperature, and whether all parts are working correctly

Methods/ steps to the blower motor parts installation of indoor blower motor:                

  1. Turn off all the switches
  2. Wear safety hand gloves 
  3. Remove air conditioner safety cover and clean air conditioner from inside
  4. Uncover your blower motor parts from your furnace
  5. Find out all nuts, bolts, or screws and remove them with the help of the correct tool
  6. Before removing wires, take a photo of that wire’s structure. Photos help you at the time of re-plugging of wires
  7. Before disconnecting wires, check all capacitors are discharged properly
  8. Unplug all wires from the air conditioner unit’s electrical components
  9. Use a grill to remove the fan guard from the condensing unit
  10.  Next, using the screwdriver, remove all screws of the fan blade
  11.  Remove fans from the motor using a hub pulled tool
  12.  Clean the spray penetrating oil and rust on the shaft with the help of a sand cloth
  13.  A cleaned shaft helps to lose the blower wheel from the shaft
  14.  Do this work slowly and cleanly
  15.  Take a new blower motor. If you want to buy a blower motor from a top manufacturer, then you can visit and read all specifications of the blower motor and motor parts.
  16.  Attach the fan to the blower motor
  17.  Mount the fan with a blower motor with screws. Properly fix the screws with the help of a set of screws
  18.  Reinstall the condenser unit's condenser motor, fan blade, and fan guard grille. Carefully check all re-installed parts once properly
  19.  Reconnect all the wires. And take photos for reference.
  20.  Recover all cover plates and cover clothes
  21.  Turn on the switches
  22.  Check sound, vibration, temperature, and other things properly
  23.  If all things are running properly, then your installation work is done
  24.  But if any things are improper, then turn off all switches
  25.  Tell your problem to any trained people or contact us at PartsHNC

How do you know if you have a bad blower motor?

Look for the following signs: if you notice any of these indications, then it is time for repair.

 Weak or no air cooling

  • Clean the air conditioners once a month because dust and dirt are the main reasons for weak airflow
  • The capacitor must be in good condition
  • If your home is around the dust area or you didn’t replace your filters for the last 3 months, your air conditioner gives you weak airflow
  • You always need to dry and fix your HVAC parts and accessories
  • A problem in the thermostat, battery, and fan also are the reasons for slow/ weak airflow or no airflow
  • If any of the above parts are working in poor condition, then repair them or replace it

Extra noise

  • The air conditioner and compressor create noise normally
  • The belt or bearing problem creates unfamiliar sounds. Check for any damage to the parts. You can refer to for the replacement of all air conditioner equipment. 
  • Turn off all switches if there are any loud noises from your air conditioner. Because after a lot of noise, sometimes the air conditioner sparks. 

High heat

  • Dust and dirt damage your HVAC. HVAC blower motor shows dangerous symptoms like extra heating or burning after a 10 to 15-year purchase. Turn off the electrical supply immediately, when the air conditioner smells burning. 

High electricity bills

  • Clean regularly for the long life of your air conditioners' HVAC parts and accessories. Dust reduces the performance. And you get high electricity bills.

Where can I buy these blower motors online?

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