How to install wall-mounted Air Conditioners and sleeves?

Posted: May 10, 2022

What is a wall-mounted air conditioner?

Wall-mounted air conditioners are self-contained cooling units that are permanently fixed on the wall of a facility.  When installed securely, these devices enhance efficiency by producing an airtight barrier. They don't need to be removed once they're installed unless they need to be serviced or replaced.The wall-mounted air conditioner is ideal for small areas such as single rooms, shops, offices, etc. Most small homeowners prefer wall-mounted units because it is cost-effective. You can find various designs and colors to choose from in these wall-mount air conditioners. These are ideal for small areas with high cooling capacity. Selecting a proper place for air conditioner installation is important since it increases energy efficiency and cooling performance. We will learn how to select the correct place for installation and how to install it in this article.

How to choose the correct place for wall-mounted air conditioner installation?

The air conditioner comprises two units: an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. The outdoor unit has a condenser coil. When the refrigerant flows into the evaporator, the condenser coil releases heat outside. The condenser coil needs an open airflow place and a good ventilation system below are the best practices:

Choose a daytime shaded place and avoid all heat-producing resources like light bulbs for the indoor unit too

  • The thermostat detects heat inside a space. The Bulbs and other heat-generating resources release heat, which is detected by a thermostat and results in false readings of the thermostat.
  • To avoid false readings, maintain a distance of up to three feet of all heat-generating resources from the thermostat
  • Install air conditioner 7 feet above the floor
  • Avoid placing any objects in the path of airflow to you
  • Some air conditioners can be noisy. If you choose to place a wall-mount unit in a quiet place, select the type with less noise.
  • Must choose an open surrounding place to mount the outdoor unit. The open place provides hassle-free installation and easy maintenance of the air conditioner

The tips listed above help you in selecting the correct place to install the air conditioner. If you still have questions, then take the help of professionals. Call us at (866) 963-0907 or send mail at [email protected] for any queries you have.

Benefits of the wall-mounted air conditioner

  • Affordable price
  • Available in various designs, sizes, and colors to choose from
  • It requires a minimum place
  • Easy installation
  • It is a ductless system
  • New generation products are equipped with inverter technology
  • Wireless remote control provides flexibility
  • No need to compromise your window space for an air conditioner

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Installation process

Have you selected a place for installation? Now, we learn more about how to install the wall-mount air conditioner. 

  • After selecting the installation place, take all measurements and mark the points
  • Unpack air conditioner parts securely
  • Do it yourself only if you know how to drill and cut, if not call a professional air conditioner installer
  • Use a frame for indoor unit installation. If the indoor unit is installed directly on the concrete wall, the electricity passes from the air conditioner to the wall directly which is an enormous threat to both you and the equipment
  • Check if the unit is mounted firmly on the wall
  • Seal all the gaps using insulation pieces or silicone caulk. Sealing prevents the air conditioner from moisture and hot air.

The average cost of installation

The average cost of installation is between $400 to $1500 without labor costs. Labor charges vary in different places.

What are the sleeve and slide-out chassis in an air conditioner?

It’s not advisable to install the air conditioner directly on the wall. To prevent the effects of outside heat, moisturizer, and electricity damage, the air conditioner should be covered in a metal device holding frame which is called a sleeve. The chassis and sleeve are part of the slide-out chassis.

How to install a wall-mounted air conditioner sleeve?

Installation of wall-mount air conditioner sleeves is very simple and easy. Here is how to install sleeves in easy steps. Tools required include sleeve, driller, lumber, screws, and nails, and caulking:

Steps to follow:

  • Unpack and prepare sleeves for installation
  • Setup panel to the wall
  • Fill the seals inside the wall sleeves
  • Complete all wirework
  • Set your air conditioner into the wall sleeve
  • Finish the installation with a seal and trim kit
  • Complete the remaining wirework


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