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Belimo ZONE120NC Zone Valve Actuator 120V N/C

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The Belimo ZONE120NC is a compact and strong zone valve actuator that improves the comfort and efficiency of your HVAC system. This "Normally Closed"  actuator opens and closes a zone valve to regulate the flow of hot or cold water in hydronic systems. It runs on a normal 120V power source. Consider it as a gatekeeper that, when triggered by your HVAC controls, only allows water to flow into specified locations. The ZONE 120NC, which is frequently found in air handling units, radiant panels, and fan coil units, has whisper-quiet functioning guarantees a calm atmosphere, and its lightweight construction makes installation simpler. Its sturdy design and energy-efficient operation also provide long-term dependability and lower operating expenses.


Manufacturer Name: Belimo
Product Number: ZONE120NC
OEM Part Number: ZONE120NC
Product Description:  Belimo ZONE120NC Actuator is designed to elevate your system's efficiency and performance. This Valve Actuator operates on a 120V power supply and is specially configured as a Normally Closed (N/C) actuator. Weighing in at a mere 1lb (453.59g), this compact powerhouse boasts a lightweight build that doesn't compromise on durability. Experience unparalleled ease of use with the Belimo ZONE120NC Actuator. Engineered to seamlessly integrate with your HVAC zoning system, this actuator guarantees effortless installation and operation. Its intelligent design ensures that zoning adjustments are carried out with utmost precision, allowing you to maintain optimal comfort levels in different areas of your space without hassle. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, the ZONE120NC Actuator from Belimo offers a range of advanced features. Enjoy its whisper-quiet operation, ensuring that the ambiance of your environment remains uninterrupted. The actuator's robust construction guarantees longevity, making it a reliable component of your HVAC system. Additionally, its energy-efficient performance aligns with modern sustainability goals, reducing energy consumption while maximizing performance.

Key Features:

  • 120V Normally Closed (N/C) Actuator
  • Lightweight design weighing only 1lb (453.59g)
  • Effortless installation and integration with HVAC zoning systems
  • Whisper-quiet operation maintains a peaceful environment
  • Durable construction ensures long-term reliability
  • Energy-efficient performance for enhanced sustainability


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Customer Questions
What is a control valve actuator?

A control valve actuator is a device used in HVAC systems to automatically control the opening and closing of valves, regulating the flow of fluids or gases to maintain desired temperature and comfort levels.

How do control valve actuators work?

Control valve actuators work by converting a control signal into mechanical motion, which then positions the valve's opening to adjust the flow of air or liquids, ensuring precise temperature and pressure control.

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