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Air Conditioner Parts
How to Replace Evaporator Coil in the Air Conditioner?
The evaporator coil is found in the heat exchanger unit. It is an inside part of the air conditioner and a major component of the air conditioner. The evaporator coil contains the refrigerant. It is made with copper or steel material. 
How to Replace AC Pressure Switch?
The pressure switch is used to detect the low-level and high-level pressure in the device. In an air conditioner, low-level pressure switches detect the pressure and when the pressure goes too low, the switch turns off the air compressor to save the device from damage. The high-pressure switch detects the pressure and when the pressure goes too high, it stops the compressor to avoid damage. Where is the pressure switch in your AC unit? Low-pressure switches and high-pressure switches are two different types of pressure switches found in air conditioner units. The low-pressure switch is ‌situated on the AC's lower section and the high-pressure switch found on the higher side of the device is the. How long does a pressure switch last? The pressure switch can last for many years, but occasionally it can break much more quickly than you anticipate. Some homeowners just change the pressure switch once a year to prevent problems. How to know if the pressure switch is working properly? ...
How To Replace a Bad Transformer In an AC Unit?
A transformer transforms electrical energy from one alternating-current circuit to another or multiple current circuits. It is used in low-voltage devices to reduce the voltage of conventional power circuits. Transformers change voltage using electromagnetic induction. Current is generated in a secondary winding as magnetic flux lines build up and collapse with changes in electric current traveling through the primary coil.
HVAC Condenser Coil
Condenser Coil Replacement in Air Conditioner Unit What is the use of a condenser coil? The compressor unit increases the pressure on the refrigerant gas. Condenser coils condense the gas, and gas is converted into the form of liquid. It contains liquid from the refrigerant. A condenser coil is made up of copper tubes.  Condenser coils are used in different types of cooling systems. It is crucial to the cooling process. Condenser coil parts for HVAC systems are available in a large variety at PartsHnC.  Where condenser coils are located in your air conditioner? Condenser coils are located just behind the condenser "fins," which are the thin metal cable that surrounds your outside air conditioner system. When the refrigerant reaches your outside unit, it fills the condenser coils and increases their surface area, allowing heat to escape more quickly. Symptoms of lousy condenser coil? Slow cooling: Like air conditioners' other parts, the condenser coil helps remove heat...
HVAC Blower Motor
AC Blower Motor Replacement What is the use of Blower Motor? The Blower motor is a heating and cooling system that transfers airflow from the air conditioner, heat pump, or furnace into the house. It drives heated or cooled air through the ductwork and out the vents in enclosed spaces across the house once the HVAC system has heated or cooled it. What are the signs of a damaged blower motor? Weak airflow: occurs whenever the blower motor struggles to push sufficient cool air through the vents to reach the appropriate inside temperature. No airflow: This generally indicates that the device is utterly unusable. A competent technician can test the motor to ensure that the lack of airflow isn't caused by something else, such as a defective relay, thermostat, or fan control. High electricity bills: When the blower motor works extra hard to circulate air around your home adequately, you may see higher-than-normal electricity costs. Loud noise: A broken blower motor belt could indicate...
HVAC Thermostat
How to Replace an Old Thermostat by Yourself? What is a thermostat? The thermostat detects the real-time temperature and sends that information to your HVAC systems. With the help of a thermostat, air conditioners, furnace, heat pump, and other climate-controlling equipment, control the temperature of your room/ building. The thermostat parts and accessories are used in both residential and commercial HVAC equipment.  Modern and trending thermostat: Programmable Thermostat Smart Thermostat Non-Programmable Thermostat Wi-Fi Thermostat What are the common signs of failed thermostats? Air conditioner not turning ON: When the thermostat sends the signals, the air conditioner starts the work and maintains the temperature of your room. If your thermostat fails, then the air conditioner or other HVAC equipment does not start the work. Air conditioner not turning OFF: The thermostat controls the fan setting in the air conditioner cooling process. Failed thermostat sometimes...
HVAC Compressor
How to Replace a Bad compressor in an air conditioner? Is your air conditioner compressor facing a gas leakage problem or any other problem? Then you are on the right page to know more details about it. This article provides a few facts about compress gas leakage and other issues with compressor replacement methods. How does the compressor work in the air conditioner? The compressor is boarded in the condenser unit. It compresses the gas refrigerant. This compression process increases the temperature and pressure of the gaseous refrigerant. The high-pressure refrigerant converts into liquid form in the condenser unit. Why does the compressor coil fail?  Overheating of Compressor:  Never install your compressor in direct sunlight. Sunlight overheats your compressor, and overheating fails the compressor.  An insufficient ventilation system does not release heat sufficiently, and heat increases in the compressor.  Also, continuous use or high voltage supply...
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HVAC Furnace Parts
HVAC Thermocouple
How to repair and replace a thermocouple in the Furnace? What is Thermocouple? The thermocouple is a necessary part of the furnace in terms of security. A thermocouple is a small, continually burning flame. It is commonly used in the gas furnace with a standing pilot. The thermocouple's top is situated in the flame to ensure that the tip is always warm.  When the pilot flame goes out, the thermocouple automatically shuts off the gas valve in the furnace. That's why your thermocouple must be in good condition. If it failed, then replace it with new thermocouple replacement parts. What distinguishes a thermocouple from a flame sensor? Thermocouples are commonly found in older furnaces. However, new installations are now mandated to use electronic fuel injection furnaces.  Flame sensors use electronic integrations instead of standing pilot lights, and thermocouples use standing pilot lights. Flame sensors ignite only when needed. Metal probes and brackets are used in...
HVAC Control Board
How do you find a damaged control board and Replace it in the Furnace? What is a furnace control board? Control boards are specially designed for controlling furnaces and heating units in HVAC systems. It is the brain of the furnace because the control board controls all parts of the furnace. In a direct wire-for-wire replacement, they may Replace OEM control boards. Use heat units and components that are compatible. What are the common reasons for failing the control board? The circuit board is near the expiry date. Failed blower motor. Fuse wiring is not compatible. Contamination with chemicals. Circuit-board failed connections. Filters are clogged. Relays and controls are stuck. The buildup of dirt, dust, small particles, and debris in the unit. Heat, condensation, and wetness in excess. Because of a faulty starting capacitor. There are spikes and troughs in power. Uniform electricity. The board or its connections...
HVAC Ignition module
Common problems and Replacement process of ignition module in the furnace What is an Ignition Module in a Furnace? An ignition module is an electronic ignition system. It is used to make contact circuit breakers for the coil. The ignition module is mostly used in modern gas furnaces instead of old ones. Pilot lights are used in an old gas furnace. Silicon nitride or silicon carbide is used to make the ignition module. How does the ignition module work in a furnace?  In a gas furnace, when the thermostat turns on, the ignitor produces a spark that "ignites" the fuel connected to your furnace. It is a necessary component to release the fire from the spark plugs. For the motor to work correctly, every spark plug must burn at precisely the time. The ignition module takes signals to decide when the spark plugs should be fired.  How to test if the ignition module is working or not? Connect the negative terminal of the battery on the ignition coil to the earth line from the ...
HVAC Flame Sensor
How to Clean Furnace Flame Sensor What is a furnace flame sensor?  Flame is the safety equipment in the furnace system. Flame detects the temperature and sends data to the furnace burner. If the flame doesn't work properly and sends data to the furnace, then the flame sensors shut off the furnace.  More important points about furnace flame sensors:  Flame sensors are also known as heat sensors The flame sensor is more efficient than a carbon monoxide detector The flame sensor is made with a thin metallic rod Clean your furnace flame sensor once a month regularly Flame sensor location in your gas furnace: Every manufacturer's furnace design is unique. Open the panel of the furnace Find out single wired attached with porcelain  That is the location of the flame sensor in your home furnace Why do flame sensors become dirty? Carbon monoxide builds a layer on the flame sensor. That is why flame sensors become dirty. And sensors do not detect correct...
HVAC Furnace Pressure Switch
Types, Problems, Troubleshooting of Furnace Pressure Switch What is the furnace? The furnace is a heat-generating device using combustion technology. We can categorize furnaces into the following types: natural gas, oil, and electric. In the furnace's burner, heat is produced by burning propane or natural gas. It becomes hot after passing through a heat exchanger with the heat generated. Warm air is forced over the heat exchanger from the ducting of the house. Natural gas: Natural gas furnaces use a combination of hydrogen and carbon gases as the primary sources of fuel. It is a highly energy-efficient furnace.  Oil: Oil furnaces use alternatives for natural gas, where natural gas resources are limited. It is not efficient as natural gas. Safe to use and less expensive. Electric: The electric furnace is safer to use compared to gas and oil furnaces. It is also safe for the environment because it does not emit carbon monoxide. What is a Pressure Switch? The pressure switch...
How to Clean a Goodman Furnace Blower Wheel?
Your furnace is at work day and night, generating heat to warm your home and workspace. You can't imagine how much wear and tear the fan or blower wheel might be taking on. It's time for a replacement if your furnace is making a loud, excessive noise. At PartsHnC, you can find the best selection of parts for Goodman furnaces that are 100% reliable, and affordable.
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HVAC Installation/Troubleshooting
Lennox Air Conditioner Cleaning
Air conditioners are used all around the world to cool down a room. They work by removing heat from the air and then releasing it outside.
What are the Types of Lennox Air Conditioners?
Lennox International Incorporation has been manufacturing HVAC equipment for over 125 years. It offers a selection of equipment that helps minimize energy expenditures in addition to providing dependable, effective HVAC solutions. Lennox is among the top 10 HVAC brands in the world and is known for its reliable products. Integrity, respect, and excellence are the guiding ideals of Lennox. 
Amana Goodman: Furnace Pressure Switch
Amana Goodman Furnace pressure switch repair is easy to do, but it can be time-consuming and frustrating if you don't know what to do. With our step-by-step guide, you'll be able to take care of this problem quickly — even if you're not a trained technician.
How to Install Copeland Compressor in an Air Conditioner?
A Copeland compressor is a type of air conditioning compressor that has been in use for more than 50 years. It is a reliable and efficient machine that has been proven to be one of the best air conditioning compressors available on the market.
How to Replace the Amana Goodman Furnace Evaporator Coil?
The majority of HVAC (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioner) experts choose Amana Goodman air quality products. It specializes in making the interiors of homes and businesses more comfortable. PartsHnC offers an extensive selection of Amana Goodman parts at affordable pricing with same-day shipping.
How to Install a Bard HVAC Thermostat?
Since its founding in 1914, Bard Manufacturing has been a commercial heating and cooling specialist, earning a reputation for integrity, high-caliber goods, and outstanding customer support. Throughout their century-long existence in the industry, they have consistently improved, developed, and adapted to the shifting needs of their customers.
The Complete Guide to Troubleshooting an AC Circuit Board
The AC circuit board is the heart of an electrical system. A circuit board, also known as a printed circuit board, serves as a base for sockets and wiring. Along with other electronic gadgets, air conditioners contain a circuit board. A circuit board's primary function is to connect all of a device's parts in a small area. Additionally, it guarantees that the components are properly insulated. It is the part that regulates voltage, current, and frequency. If it becomes faulty, the entire system can be rendered useless. Control Board parts are vital to the safety of a home or office. You can find replacement parts for your Control Board at PartsHnC with a few clicks of your mouse.  AC circuit boards are complicated and can be difficult to troubleshoot on your own. Parts of an air conditioner eventually wear out naturally. However, you should think about replacing them in order to prevent future harm to yourself. But how much does AC repair cost? What is the price of a new circuit ...
Trane Manufacture: Heat Exchanger
Trane is a prominent maker of HVAC heating systems. Its furnaces are primarily utilized in US homes. Trane furnaces provide increased relaxation and heat control. These furnaces use variable-speed blower motors to remove humidity from your home's air and featured heat exchangers to maintain your home temperature in winter.
How to replace an AC fan motor myself?
How to replace an AC fan motor myself? AC fan motor Parts are a part of the AC system that can be found in almost all AC units. The purpose of these units is to cool the air circulated in the room. Due to its constant operation and frequent exposure to the elements, damaged fan motors are one of the Most Common AC Problems. As a result, we have decided to offer our readers a useful guide on how to safely replace the air conditioner fan motor in order to keep it clean and working properly. If you have the necessary tools and a little wiring and switching efficiency, it is simple and extremely simple to do. PartsHnC is a one stop solution for all your HVAC Parts needs. We offer the best prices and are always up to date with the latest technology.  {{widget type="Rokanthemes\CategoryTab\Block\Widget\CateTabs" title="Top Selling Products" category_ids="5" limit="10" sorting="position" tab_postions="horizontal" number_row="1" height_default_loading="300" mode_view="grid" show_thumbnail...
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Air Conditioner Ventilation
What are the components of HVAC Ventilation?
Mechanical system in a structure that brings in "fresh" external air while removing "contaminated" internal air is known as ventilation. Like the living bodies require lungs, healthy homes/ buildings require the ability to breathe in order to ensure that fresh air enters and bad air exits.
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