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York S1-026-19654-705 10X10 Cw Blower Wheel;1/2 Inch Bore

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The York S1-026-19654-705 10X10 Cw Blower Wheel, with a 1/2 inch bore, is an essential component of HVAC systems, designed to improve air circulation and ventilation. This precision-engineered blower wheel efficiently draws air into the system, improving airflow performance and ensuring appropriate temperature management in home or business settings. This blower wheel is typically installed in air handling units and HVAC systems to guarantee regular air distribution, which contributes to enhanced indoor air quality and comfort levels. Its solid construction and precise design reduce vibration and noise, resulting in quieter operation and a longer lifespan for HVAC equipment. With its high-quality materials and flawless functionality, the York blower wheel improves overall system efficiency, lowering energy consumption and operational expenses for the end user.

HVAC Wheel Parts,
Manufacturer Name: York
Product Number: S1-026-19654-705
OEM Part Number: S1-026-19654-705
Product Description: 10X10 Cw Blower Wheel;1/2"Bore

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