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Copeland ZR125KCE-TFD-950 460V3Ph 125000Btur22Scrollcomp

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The Copeland ZR125KCE-TFD-950 460V3Ph 125000Btur22Scrollcomp is a cutting-edge scroll compressor engineered for HVAC systems, particularly suited for commercial and industrial cooling applications. With an impressive 125,000 BTUs of cooling power per hour, this compressor runs effectively on a 460-volt three-phase power source. Its scroll design makes it easier for refrigerant gas to be compressed, which produces high-pressure vapor. After that, the vapor condenses to release heat and cool the air inside the HVAC system. The Copeland ZR125KCE-TFD-950 compressor, which is installed in air conditioning units, heat pumps, and refrigeration systems, guarantees dependable performance, low energy consumption, and silent operation. It is the perfect option for demanding cooling requirements in a variety of commercial and industrial settings because of its cutting-edge technology and high efficiency, which save running costs and promote environmental sustainability.

Manufacturer Name: Copeland
Product Number: ZR125KCE-TFD-950
OEM Part Number: ZR125KCE-TFD-950
Product Description: 

The Copeland compressor is a high-quality and versatile component designed for use in various cooling and refrigeration applications. As part of Copeland's Scroll Compressor series, the ZR125KCE-TFD-950 is engineered to deliver efficient and reliable performance in a wide range of environments. The compressor features Copeland's advanced scroll technology, known for its superior efficiency, durability, and quieter operation compared to traditional reciprocating compressors. With a cooling capacity that corresponds to the model number, this compressor is capable of providing efficient cooling solutions for medium to large-scale applications, making it suitable for commercial and industrial settings. Engineered for energy efficiency, Copeland compressor contributes to lower energy consumption and operational costs. Its efficient operation not only reduces expenses but also minimizes environmental impact. Copeland is a well-established and respected brand in the HVAC and refrigeration industry, known for producing reliable and high-quality components. The ZR125KCE-TFD-950 compressor is built to uphold the brand's reputation. Proper installation by a qualified HVAC technician is essential to ensure correct connections, refrigerant handling, and system compatibility. Professional installation guarantees optimal performance and safety. Routine maintenance helps prevent issues and ensures consistent performance.

Here are some of the key features of the Copeland ZR125KCE-TFD-950 compressor:

  • Three-phase operation
  • Nominal capacity of 125,000 BTU/h
  • Efficiency rating of 11.5 EER
  • Low noise and vibration levels
  • Internal inherent protection system
  • Centrifugal oil pump
  • R-22, R-407C, and R-134a refrigerant compatibility

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Customer Questions
What type of compressor is the ZR125KCE-TFD-950?

The ZR125KCE-TFD-950 is a scroll compressor. Scroll compressors use two spiral-shaped scrolls to compress refrigerant gas, making them efficient and relatively quiet compared to other compressor types.

Does the Copeland compressor require any specific installation considerations?

Proper installation is crucial for the performance and longevity of the compressor. It's recommended to follow the manufacturer's installation guidelines. 

Where can I find technical specifications and documentation for the ZR125KCE-TFD-950 compressor?

Technical specifications, installation guidelines, and other documentation for the compressor are usually available on the manufacturer's official website or by contacting their customer support. 

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