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Amana-Goodman D6723306S 10 Inch X 10 Inch Blower Wheel

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The Amana-Goodman D6723306S 10" x 10" Blower Wheel is an essential component of HVAC systems, designed primarily to improve air circulation and distribution. This finely constructed component efficiently sucks air into the system and propels it via ductwork to control indoor temperature and air quality. Utilised extensively in diverse HVAC apparatuses, including air handlers and furnaces, it guarantees optimal functionality and economical usage. Its strong construction and careful design ensure steady airflow while reducing noise and vibrations, creating a calmer and cosier atmosphere. The Amana-Goodman D6723306S Blower Wheel is essential for proper HVAC performance and provides improved indoor comfort in both home and business settings.

HVAC Wheel Parts,

Manufacturer Name: Amana-Goodman
Product Number: D6723306S
OEM Part Number: D6723306S

Product Description Of  Amana Goodman D6723306S Blower Wheel: 

A 10 x 10 blower wheel used in HVAC systems is a critical component designed to efficiently circulate air within the system. The blower wheel typically measures 10 inches in diameter and 10 inches in width, making it suitable for various HVAC applications. Blower wheels are commonly constructed from materials like galvanized steel, aluminum, or plastic. The choice of material depends on factors such as durability and resistance to corrosion. The D6723306S Blower Wheel Amana-Goodman Parts blades are designed with an aerodynamic shape to maximize air movement and efficiency while minimizing noise. Each blade is precision-balanced to ensure smooth and vibration-free operation, reducing wear and tear on the blower motor. Blower wheels come in both forward-curved and backward-curved blade designs. Forward-curved blades are typically used for low-pressure, high-volume airflow, while backward-curved blades are used for high-pressure applications. The blower wheels are designed to generate high static pressure, making them suitable for applications where air needs to be pushed through ductwork or filters. Blower wheels can be used in direct-drive or belt-drive configurations, depending on the specific HVAC system requirements. Many blower wheels are designed with noise reduction in mind, providing quieter operation for residential and commercial HVAC systems. The D6723306S Blower Wheel Amana-Goodman Parts are typically designed for easy installation and compatibility with various blower motor types. Blower wheels come in various blade configurations, including single-inlet, double-inlet, and radial blade designs, to suit different air movement requirements. 

Key aspects of the Amana Goodman 10 X 10 Blower Wheel are:

  • Measures 10 inches in diameter and 10 inches in width.
  • Constructed from durable materials like galvanized steel, and aluminum.
  • Precision-balanced for smooth and vibration-free operation.
  • Blades are designed for efficient airflow and reduced noise.

The blower wheel used in HVAC systems is a critical component that efficiently moves air within the system. Its key features include size, material, aerodynamic design, balanced blades, forward-curved or backward-curved blades, high static pressure, drive type, efficiency, quiet operation, ease of installation, corrosion resistance, blade configurations, and custom sizing. These features ensure effective air circulation and the overall performance of the HVAC system.


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