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Phoenix Manufacturing 05-007-0133 115V 1/4Hp Motor

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The Phoenix Manufacturing 05-007-0133 115V 1/4Hp Motor is a critical component in HVAC systems that promotes effective air circulation. This motor runs at 115 volts and has a 1/4 horsepower capacity, assuring dependable operation in a variety of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. This motor is used into HVAC units and operates fans and blowers, allowing air to circulate throughout the system. Its sturdy structure and exact engineering provide durability and continuous performance, which contributes to the HVAC system's overall efficacy. The motor powers the essential components, allowing for effective heating and cooling while preserving comfortable interior settings and optimizing energy usage. The Phoenix Manufacturing motor provides better airflow, superior temperature management, and lower energy costs, making it a vital asset in HVAC.

Manufacturer Name: Phoenix Manufacturing
Product Number: 05-007-0133
OEM Part Number: 05-007-0133
Product Description: The Phoenix Manufacturing Motor Rocker Switch serves as a control device within HVAC systems. The Motor Rocker Switch provides a convenient way to turn the motor on or off, allowing for the precise control of the HVAC system. This is crucial for regulating temperature and airflow. It contributes to the safety of the HVAC system by allowing quick and easy shutdown in case of emergencies or maintenance requirements. Safety is a top priority when dealing with electrical components in HVAC systems.  By effectively controlling when the motor operates, the switch helps in reducing energy consumption. This not only saves on energy costs but also reduces the environmental impact of HVAC systems. Proper control of the motor's operation through the rocker switch can lead to less wear and tear on the motor, potentially prolonging its lifespan and reducing the need for replacements or repairs.  Motor Rocker Switches come in various sizes and configurations, making them versatile and suitable for a wide array of applications. They are used in everything from HVAC systems and power tools to automotive applications and industrial machinery. Installing the Phoenix Manufacturing Motor Rocker Switch correctly is essential for the overall functionality and safety of the HVAC system. It is typically handled by HVAC professionals who have the expertise to ensure that the switch is integrated correctly and complies with safety standards.  The Phoenix Manufacturing Motor Rocker Switch is a vital electrical component that simplifies the control of motors in various devices and systems. Its user-friendly rocker design, durability, and safety features make it a preferred choice for controlling the flow of electricity to motors in a wide range of applications, ensuring the efficient and safe operation of motor-driven equipment.


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Customer Questions
How does a Motor Rocker Switch work?

It works by physically moving a rocker-style lever to switch on or off an appliance.

What is the purpose of the rocker design?

The rocker design provides an easy and user-friendly way to operate the switch, making it easy to turn motors on and off

Are Motor Rocker Switches compatible with smart HVAC systems?

Motor Rocker Switches can be integrated into smart HVAC control systems, providing remote operation and scheduling features.


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