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Armstrong Fluid Technology 817025-007 Motor 1/4Hp 1800Rpm 115V/1/60

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Motor 1/4Hp 1800Rpm 115V/1/60

Motor 1/4Hp 1800Rpm 115V/1/60 Armstrong Fluid Technology 817025-007

The Armstrong Fluid Technology 817025-007 is a 1/4 horsepower, single-phase, 1800 RPM motor designed for use in Armstrong circulating pumps, most notably the Model S-45. This motor is known for its high efficiency, reliability, and durability in various fluid handling applications.It offers reliable performance, efficient operation, and straightforward installation, making it a suitable choice for restoring functionality to your pump.

Key Features:

  • Direct Replacement: Seamlessly replaces the motor in S-45 series pumps for quick and convenient repair.
  • Durable Construction: In order to give durability and resilience to wear and strain, superior materials were chosen throughout construction.
  • High Efficiency: Designed to meet or exceed NEMA Premium® efficiency standards, potentially reducing energy consumption and operating costs.
  • Quiet Operation: Advanced design minimizes noise levels, creating a more comfortable environment.
  • Single-Phase Power: Operates on standard 115V single-phase power supply, making it readily compatible with most residential and light commercial applications.
  • Easy Installation: Mounted design simplifies installation and replacement, requiring minimal effort and expertise.


  • Hydronic heating systems: Hot water circulation in boilers, radiators, and radiant floor systems.
  • Hydronic cooling systems: Chilled water circulation in air conditioners and fan coil units.
  • Domestic hot water systems: Hot water recirculation for instant availability.
  • General industrial service: Transfer of fluids in diverse industrial applications. 


  • Restores pump functionality: Efficiently replaces a faulty motor to get your S-45 series pump back up and running.
  • Reliable performance: Durable construction ensures long-lasting operation and minimizes downtime.
  • Reduced energy costs: Over time, high efficiency may result in decreased electricity costs.
  • Quiet operation: Contributes to a more comfortable environment where noise is a concern.
  • Easy to install: Mounted design simplifies the replacement process for quick and convenient repair.

Important Notes:

  • Always confirm compatibility with your specific S-45 series pump model before purchasing.
  • It is recommended that the motor be replaced by a qualified technician with knowledge with Armstrong pumps.
  • To learn about specific installation and safety protocols, consult the manufacturer's instructions. 

Overall, the Armstrong Fluid Technology 817025-007 is a reliable and efficient replacement motor for S-45 series circulator pumps. Its compatibility, performance, and ease of installation make it a valuable solution for restoring functionality to your system and ensuring optimal pump operation.

Signs of a Faulty Armstrong Fluid Technology 817025-007 Motor 1/4Hp 1800Rpm 115V/1/60:

Operational Issues:

  • Pump not starting: The pump fails to turn on even when switched to the "on" position, potentially indicating a faulty motor winding or electrical issue.
  • Reduced flow or pressure: The pump struggles to maintain adequate flow or pressure within the system, despite other components functioning normally.
  • Unusual noises: Noticeable changes in the pump's operating noise, like loud humming, grinding, or vibration, could be caused by motor bearing wear or internal issues.
  • Overheating: The motor feels hot to the touch or emits a burning smell, suggesting internal problems like overload or malfunctioning components.

Performance Issues:

  • Frequent cycling: The pump turns on and off frequently without maintaining consistent operation, potentially due to motor control issues or malfunctioning sensors.
  • Unexplained energy consumption increase: Higher electricity bills than usual might indicate inefficient motor operation due to internal problems.
  • Reduced pump efficiency: The pump requires more power to achieve the same flow rate compared to its previous performance, suggesting potential motor degradation.

Physical Signs:

  • Visible damage to the motor: Look for cracks, dents, scorch marks, or any physical damage to the motor housing or components.
  • Loose connections: Ensure all connections between the motor and the pump housing are secure and free of play.


  • If you suspect any of these signs, do not attempt to diagnose or repair the 817025-007 Motor 1/4Hp 1800Rpm 115V/1/60 Armstrong Fluid Technology yourself. Consult a qualified technician familiar with Armstrong pumps and electrical systems.
  • Shut down the pump and system immediately if you hear loud noises, smell burning, or experience overheating.
  • Refer to the manufacturer's instructions or technical documentation for troubleshooting steps and information specific to your pump model and the replacement motor.

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