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Lennox 11U64 .65 Inch Water Column Spst Pressure Switch

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A vital part used in HVAC systems to guarantee secure and effective functioning is the Lennox 11U64.65 Inch Wc SPST Pressure Switch. In addition to serving as a safety precaution to avert potentially dangerous situations, this pressure switch is intended to monitor the air pressure inside the system. Pressure switches, which are installed in furnaces and other heating devices, sense variations in pressure and tell the system when to activate or deactivate. Because of its exact functioning, the equipment is kept operating at peak efficiency and is kept safe. The 11U64 Pressure Switch effectively monitors air pressure, reducing the possibility of failures and guaranteeing continuous operation, improving system dependability and safety.Its compact size and consistent performance make it a crucial part of HVAC systems.


Manufacturer Name: Lennox
Product Number: 11U64
OEM Part Number: 11U64
Product Description:  The Lennox 11U64 WC Single Pole Single Throw (SPST) Pressure Switch is a reliable and essential component for your HVAC system. Weighing just 0.3lbs (136.08g), this compact switch ensures precise control over your system's pressure. Crafted with precision engineering, the 11U64 WC SPST Pressure Switch maintains a pressure of 0.65"Wc, guaranteeing optimal performance and safety. Its single-pole, single-throw design simplifies installation, making it a convenient choice for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. This pressure switch is built to last, with a rugged construction that can withstand the demands of HVAC applications. It ensures accurate pressure monitoring, safeguarding your equipment and maintaining efficient operation.

Key Features of Lennox 11U64 WC Single Pole Single Throw (SPST) Pressure Switch :

  • Reliable Pressure Control
  • Easy Installation
  • Rugged Construction
  • Accurate Monitoring
  • Long-Lasting Durability
  • Optimal HVAC Performance


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Customer Questions
How do I install the Lennox 11U64 WC Pressure Switch in my HVAC system?

Installation is straightforward, but it's best done by a qualified technician to ensure proper setup.

What is the pressure range this switch can handle?

The Lennox 11U64 WC Pressure Switch is designed to handle pressures up to 0.65"Wc effectively.

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