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ASCO 108D90C Relaycontrolpanel; 120V Output

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Relaycontrolpanel; 120V Output

Relay Control Panel 120V Output Asco 108D90C

The ASCO 108D90C is a relay control panel designed for gas valve control and safety in various industrial and commercial applications. It functions as the central hub for managing the activation and deactivation of gas valves, ensuring reliable and accurate flow control with several key feature.It functions as an intermediary between the control signal and the valves, offering robust and reliable control over gas flow.

Key Features:

  • Gas Valve Control: Operates and monitors AC gas valves, typically used for heavier duty applications.
  • 120V Input/Output: Powered by standard 120V AC supply and provides 120V output to the connected gas valve.
  • Key-Operated Switch: Secure control with a key-operated switch for manual activation and deactivation.
  • Manual On/Off Buttons: Additional push-button controls for immediate manual flow control independent of the key switch.
  • Silent Operation: Utilizes DC output to the valves, eliminating constant AC hum for a quieter working environment.
  • Shallow Depth: NEMA Type 1 flush mount enclosure allows for convenient installation without obstruction in tight spaces.
  • Approved for Safety: Originally designed and approved by the New York City Board of Education for use in public schools, indicating high safety standards.


  • Industrial Automation: Controlling gas flow in various manufacturing processes.
  • HVAC Systems: Regulating gas supply for boilers, furnaces, and other heating equipment.
  • Commercial Kitchens: Managing gas flow for cooking appliances in restaurants and catering facilities.
  • Laboratories: Controlling gas supply for scientific equipment and burners.
  • Medical Facilities: Managing gas flow for sterilization equipment and other applications.


  • Enhanced Safety: Key-operated switch and manual controls prioritize safety and prevent unauthorized access.
  • Reliable Control: Precise flow control through direct valve operation and manual override options.
  • Quiet Operation: Minimizes noise disturbance in working environments.
  • Convenient Installation: Flush mount design saves space and simplifies installation.
  • High Standards: Stringent safety requirements ensure reliable performance and peace of mind.

Important Notes:

  • Always confirm compatibility with your specific gas valve model and application requirements.
  • An experienced specialist with knowledge of electrical work and gas piping systems should handle installation and maintenance.
  • Refer to the manufacturer's instructions for detailed installation, operation, and safety information.

Overall, the ASCO 108D90C is a reliable and versatile relay control panel for gas valve applications. Its features, emphasis on safety, and usability make it a great option for a range of commercial and industrial applications.

Signs of a Faulty Asco 108D90C Relay Control Panel 120V Output:

Operational Issues:

  • Gas valve not opening or closing properly: The valve may remain stuck open or closed, regardless of the control panel operation.
  • Erratic valve operation: The valve opens and closes intermittently or uncontrollably, causing inconsistent gas flow.
  • Failure to activate or deactivate: The control panel buttons or key switch don't activate or deactivate the valve as expected.
  • Unusual noises: Buzzing, clicking, or humming sounds coming from the panel, potentially indicating electrical issues or component malfunction.
  • Burning smell: Any unusual electrical burning smell near the panel suggests potential internal electrical faults.

Safety Concerns:

  • Gas leaks: Leaks around the valve or connections, indicating a compromised seal or valve malfunction. We need to take urgent action because of the grave risk this presents to public safety.
  • Unintentional valve activation: There is a risk to safety when the valve opens without warning or human input.
  • Failure to shut off automatically: The valve remains open even when the key switch is turned off or the system loses power, creating a safety hazard.

Performance Issues:

  • Reduced gas flow: The system experiences lower than expected gas flow, potentially due to valve malfunction or control panel issues.
  • Increased energy consumption: Higher electricity bills than usual might be caused by inefficient operation of the panel or valve.
  • Frequent cycling: The panel activates and deactivates the valve more frequently than necessary, suggesting potential issues with control settings or valve performance.

Physical Signs:

  • Visible damage: Look for cracks, dents, burns, or any physical damage to the panel housing, buttons, or electrical connections.
  • Corrosion: Signs of corrosion on the panel or internal components could indicate wear and tear or exposure to harsh environments.
  • Overheating: The panel feels hot to the touch, potentially indicating internal electrical problems or overloading.


  • Do not attempt to diagnose or repair the 108D90C Relay control panel 120V Output Asco yourself, especially if dealing with gas leaks or electrical issues. Consult a qualified technician familiar with gas piping systems and electrical work immediately.
  • Shut down the system and gas supply immediately if you experience gas leaks, unusual noises, burning smells, or any safety concerns.
  • Refer to the manufacturer's instructions or technical documentation for troubleshooting steps and information specific to your panel model and application.

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