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Reznor 146465 Auto Fan Limit Switch 105°F-135°F

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The Reznor 146465 105-135F Auto Fan Limit Switch is an essential component of HVAC systems that regulates airflow and temperature to maintain optimal performance. This switch, which is intended for use with HVAC systems, furnaces, and heaters, automatically turns on the fan when the temperature hits a predetermined limit, usually between 105 and 135°F. This keeps equipment from overheating, protects it from harm, and guarantees effective operation. It extends equipment life, improves energy efficiency, and keeps indoor comfort levels constant by efficiently controlling temperature and airflow. The Reznor 146465 Auto Fan Limit Switch, with its dependable functioning and accurate temperature control, is essential for ensuring heating system performance and lifetime.

Manufacturer Name: Reznor
Product Number: 146465
OEM Part Number: 146465
Product Description:  The auto fan limit switch is a crucial component that helps regulate the operation of the blower fan and maintain temperature control. The auto fan limit switch is equipped with a temperature sensor that constantly monitors the temperature within the HVAC system. The 146465 Reznor 105-135F Auto Fan Limit Switch serves a dual role by acting as both a temperature control and safety device. This switch ensures that the blower fan operates at the right times and shuts down the burner if the temperature exceeds safe levels. The auto fan limit switches allow for adjustable temperature settings. This flexibility enables users to set the desired temperature ranges for the blower fan to turn on and off. When the temperature rises above the set limit, the switch activates the blower fan to distribute warm air throughout the space. This helps in maintaining a consistent and comfortable indoor climate. In addition to controlling the fan, the switch includes a safety function. If the temperature becomes excessively high, indicating a potential overheating issue, the switch can shut down the entire system to prevent damage. Auto fan limit switches are built to withstand the demanding conditions within HVAC systems.  Installation is typically straightforward, making it a relatively simple process for HVAC professionals. 

Key characteristics of the 146465 Reznor 105-135F Auto Fan Limit Switch are

  • Monitors the temperature within the HVAC system.
  • Activates the blower fan to distribute air when the temperature rises.
  • The simple installation process for HVAC professionals.
  • It shuts down the system in case of overheating to prevent damage.

The auto fan limit switches are essential components in HVAC systems, offering precise temperature control, safety features, durability, and compatibility to ensure efficient and reliable operation.


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Customer Questions
How does the auto fan limit switch save energy in HVAC systems?

 The switch regulates when the blower fan operates, preventing it from running unnecessarily, which reduces energy consumption and subsequently lowers heating and cooling bills.

How do you reset the lockout on a Reznor heater?

To reset the lockout on a Reznor heater, typically, you need to turn off the heater's power for a few minutes, then turn it back on. This action often clears the lockout condition and allows the heater to restart normally. 

How does the switch differentiate between regular fan operation and safety shutdown?

The switch relies on a temperature sensor to distinguish between normal fan operation and overheating conditions. If the temperature exceeds a safe limit, it triggers a safety shutdown.

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