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Lennox Gas Furnace Parts

Lennox Gas Furnace Parts

About Lennox company:

Lennox's international incorporation is a global competitor in the HVAC design and manufacturing market. Lennox has to design and manufacture 120 years of experience in HVAC products. They are rated by Annualized Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE), Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER), and Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF). 

Because they have the following features:

  • Innovation satisfies customers' requirements
  • Efficient
  • Long-lifetime of products, 
  • Very low noise-producing
  • Low energy consumption
  • Modern technology
  • Eco-friendly

Lennox Gas Furnace Parts:

The Lennox gas furnace is one of the most efficient and silent furnaces. The furnace uses natural gas, electric current, and oil for the burning process. Gas furnaces use natural gas to provide heat to your home. It will work efficiently for 15 to 20 years. Important parts of gas furnaces are flame sensors, thermostats, air filters, heat exchangers, burners, blower motors, and fans. 

How do Lennox gas furnaces work?

  • You need to set the temperature in the thermostat, then it detects the temperature of your room. 
  • When your room temperature reaches that temperature, it gives instructions through the low voltage signals to the furnace.
  • But Smart thermostats automatically detect temperature.
  • When your room temperature becomes too cool.
  • It turns on the furnace. 
  • The furnace opens a valve to allow gas to the burner. 
  • Ignition ignites the burner from inside the combination chamber.
  • Gas and air burn in the burner
  • The Blower motor sends the cool air towards the burner to warm that air. Cool air flows through the ducts.
  • In combustion, the air is impure air.
  • Air filter, filter the air when it comes out from the combustion chamber.
  • To remove carbon, small particles from the air, air filters play an important role.
  • From ductwork, warm air enters your room. 
  • And your room becomes warm.

List of Lennox gas furnace parts with the product name and product code: 

  • Gas Burner For Lennox Part# 79J74
  • Lp Gas Orifice For Lennox Part# 33J91
  • 55 Lp Gas Orifice For Lennox Part# 60W30
  • Nat Gas Pilot Orifice For Lennox Part# 49K36

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